The 3 Letters: A true story. Almost.
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The Bean Feast

A Bean Feast is the middle-ages equivalent of the office holiday party. The landowner or baron would throw a big banquet for the villains - excuse me, peasants - and everyone would frolic and have a grand time, including searching for the magic bean hidden in the cake. Whoever finds the bean gets to be the Bean King!!!

To learn more about the game hidden in this Bean Feast, click the picture!
The Union Street Oyster House

Everyone seen here is an endangered species AND an artist.
Picture in Progress - Dance

This picture is under construction. Check back later and see what's been added!


An English Quintet (Bulldog, Pointer, Sheepdog, Mastiff, Setter) Play "A Little Night Music" after the shortest night of the year. It's Solstice on Salisbury Plain!
Twittens: A Forgotten Era

Appropriately enough for the theme of "forgotten" i forgot to post this illustration of bygone times last month. My cousin challenged me to draw the Twittens without my even knowing what they were, but my imagination ran inappropriately rampant. so in the end i looked online and found out that twittens is an old (english?) word for area of narrow alleyways. apparently many cities have twittens, and this one is based on a photo I found in York. i doubt anyone would recognise it though, as the place occupied by a nest of pigs in my illustrations is in fact an outdoor fitters store in real life.

For those of you with a bit of time on your hands, see if you can trace the love octagon. most of the people in the picture are in love with someone who loves someone else. You can tell whom they love by looking at their eyes. Happy mediaeval Friday!
Midget Viking Warrior and the Pumpkin

A picture done for my brother's rough 'n' tough biker gang.

The picture was supposed to be about the Midget Viking Warrior (Hi Ernie, you don't mind if this gets all over the web, do you?) but that huge orange "bike" (Really, can you honestly call it a bike when it's that big?) just took over the road. I just did this yesterday, and today's theme is "wide" so I thought I'd share it.

The scene here is pictured just before the Harley broke down, and just after the Harley broke down.
Don't Mess With My Seeds!
Every seed planted by The Carrot enjoys superhero protection.
hah. i wasn't going to do one this week because i didn't have time....and then a client sent a comment for revision on one of my pieces - get rid of some ofthe wrinkles! and I though aha! a perfect opportunity to submit to illo friday! enjoy! (click picture to see more storyboard and development samples.)

This is a component of an illustration I did for the ZBS Foundation. Since it is a small part of a background shot, I thought I would give it a solo performance here. I love lighty stuff!
South Station, Boston

One of the few things I enjoyed about commuting was passing through this lovely train station with the curlicue bus station attached to the back.
Charter Street Playground - Kindergarden

I saw the charter street playground for the first time when the kindergardeners were out playing in the yard. Every single child had a hat on. I don't know if it's kindergarden policy so they can keep track of their kids, or if the children of Boston's north end are very sun sensitive. Anyway, the "garden" is all brick paving, but with the bushes, trees, and park benches it's a lovely place - not at all the "concrete jungle" it sounds. I thought that big people should be able to play here too, not just the wee ones.
for illustration friday

in india last month a pregnant bengal tiger was chased up a palm tree by terrified villagers. she was rescued (after being tranquilised), treated for injuries, and released into a tiger preserve. i saw a photo of her at the moment of her release. she was in a cage on a boat, and the door of the cage opened over the side of the boat, which was in shallow water (a foot or two). the boat was loaded down with people, and the door was opened. she leaped, swam to the shore, and made for the sanctuary of the forest. Thank you, tiger rescuers.
The Beale Building in Boston, aka the Grain Exchange. reputed to be stuffed with lawyers.

Can you find the hidden rainbow?
Musical Chairs: a little bitty movie about multiple variations on a theme!.

This is a Flash movie....sorry, you'll need flash player software. fortunately, it's free to download. let me know if you have any problems. and now, please enjoy....."Musical Chairs"
(beta version!)

I got a lot of my sound effects from these folks: Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects They say "Download the music and sound effects you need for your multimedia project today at Partners In Rhyme." I say THANKS! When I'm selling animation, I'll buy your stuff!
Bratwurst Bob's first Road Trip! click the picture to go to the game:

My Theory of the Origin of Black Holes
(designed specially for Illustration Friday's theme of "theory")
Help me!

BIG THANKS to my brother Warren Wilson and my Mom Johanna Kowitz for buying me a NEW GRAPHICS TABLET!!!! This is the first cartoon done entirely digitally, so it's a little rough, but what a fun toy!!!!

and yes, please do yourself the favor of getting up just before dawn to see Jupiter and Venus, our neighbors, getting together in the south-eastern horizon. you have only a couple days, go!
A Green Park: Post Office Square in Boston

At a time like this, when all is ice and snow, I like to remember the warm green of Post Office Park and all the um...people....taking their lunch break outside.
Red Sox Family
I'd like to offer this to Illustration Friday's team for the subject of "stitch." I'm never entirely comfortable using an "old" illo that perfectly suits the theme, so you'd think I'd be happy to use this one which is so fresh it's not even quite done. I did it yesterday for a client, and until I had to do a Red Sox shirt, i never noticed that there is a baseball behind the socks. Those it's a fairly literal interpretation of the theme. What can I say. Happy Drawing, Everyone!
Genevieve Shapiro | sixoneseven-970-0133 | i n f o @genevievecartoons dot com|

So I went egosurfing to see how my PR department is doing, and I found a lot of really talented Genevieves out there in webworld. One's a ballet dancer, one is a surfer-model , one has a truly kickass hairdo. When I grow up I want to have their talents. But the one Genevieve I REALLY took a shine to, was this one. What the world needs now is naps, sweet naps.
So I'm revamping my art image/business. Genevieve et BhindiI had a meeting with my web designer (me) and my PR campaign manager (me) and we are gradually overhauling the website. My business manager (me) thinks we need to make the "business side" of the site more prominent, which means developing better payment options. My paypal representative (me) suggested we put "donate" buttons on the site so that the varaible costs of custom artwork can all be resolved with a single payment, instead of lots of specifically tailored buttons (one mug, $15.25, one Tshirt $24.99, one card $2.99, one photo retouch, $18.99). We all agreed to try that out. Then I talked to my photographer (me) about getting some new photos of me and my "merchandise" but she said we'd have to have a Photoshop expert (me) prep them for the web. I had to cut short the teleconference, because my sales rep (me) told me we were out of business cards and could I have the printer (me) make some more. My chef (me) catered a working lunch, while my secretary (me) took care of mail and banking stuff, and as for me? Well I have to get to work on a commission that just came in. Looks like I'm the only one left to do it.

And because you probably need a hug, here's one from me. ****
Lemon Drop in Full Color!

This picture began with the phrase "Lemon Drop" - which here means someone borrowing a lemon from a neighbor. Can you find the lemon, the lemonade pitcher, and the lemon-lender? Every flying, floating and dropping object in this picture has a source - can you find out the point of origin for the bubbles, vegetables, leaves and musical notes?
The Life of A Paper Towel: A Two-Part Tragedy

Greenwashing: the corporate trend towards self-proclaimed ecofriendliness. Frequently misleading.
When you pay extra money for "recycled" stuff, look for 2 things:
1) go for "post-consumer recycled content"
2) beware that the product doesn't have to be 100% recycled to claim it's a "recycled product."

If you want 100% recycled towels, use real towels and wash them!
Happy 2008 from my keyboard to yours!

Gentoons is getting a spicy boost this year, as I am now working full-time as a freelance artist. My day job was so pesky, it kept getting in the way of my real life, so finally I let it go.

Look here this year for the rest of May's Halloween adventure (candy's still ok, don't worry), which was suspended during my "Help-I-Have-Two-Jobs" Phase. Look here also for more big "where's waldo?"-style illustrations, visual puzzles, and the odd graphic novel. Will there be another sack-based adventure this year? Will Space Kitty finally take another trip? Stay tuned.

I hope that when you visit this site, you will find comfort and smiles, and return to the real world refreshed and recolored. Thanks for visiting, and best wishes.

Hugs, Genevieve