Genevieve's Bio Photo - most recent version

This survival kit was made for me by the good doctor Rosenthal. Here's more about her:
Lovers' Wedding

This is for Illustration Friday's theme "Wedding." I wanted to do something other than the usual "person marrying person" - that is, i wanted to show an illustration of things being joined, wedding in the original sense. A series of tarot cards i illustrated using Yoga poses have several nice images of wedding - mind and body, human and universe, nature and spirit, and so on the picture to see more. One of them happens to be of the lovers, so I chose them for the illustration after all. I don't think there has to be a church and rehearsal dinner for the "wedding" to take place - and here they are, mind, soul, body, racing together to the future.
Pepper Salad
Momentum: a pepper at rest tends to stay at rest, but a pepper in motion tends to stay in motion.